Life Membership
A Life member is someone who has paid their NAAE dues in a single payment. This can be done at any time in your career. As a Life member, you will only be responsible for paying your Indiana membership dues, which is $25.00. If you are interested in life membership, please contact the IAAE Treasurer at for additional details or to be invoiced for a NEW Life Membership plan.   New 2021-22 Life Membership: Active Teacher - $720.00 Retired Teacher - $120.00 Associate - $420.00
23-24 New Teacher
Congratulations on being a NEW Indiana Agricultural Educator! In honor of your first year as a teacher or your first year transitioning to Indiana, the IAAE is offering you a discounted membership rate. Your $60.00 fee will cover your NAAE membership dues and we will cover your Indiana membership dues.
23-24 Teacher
We are so proud of our AgEd family for sharing your passion for agriculture with students. You are now an established teacher and your $90.00 fee will cover your Indiana membership dues, as well as your NAAE membership dues. A teacher is professionally qualified to teach agriculture in K-12 or postsecondary public or private schools or state staff.
23-24 Retired Teacher
Thank you for your continued contribution to agriculture education and the good faith you show in helping our newer teachers! As an active Retired Teacher, your dues are $65.00 which covers your Indiana membership dues, as well as your NAAE membership dues. A retired teacher is anyone qualified to be an active or associate member who has retired from the profession.
23-24 Associate Member
As an Associate member, you are a supporter of agriculture education through various ways, including agribusiness ventures. An associate member is anyone engaged in agricultural education who is not professionally qualified to teach agriculture.